Preamp suggestions

I am looking for a great 2 channel pre with HT bypass for dedicated stereo listening.

My current system:
Bryston 4BSST
Bryston 9BSST (5 channel)
B&W 804S
Rotel RSP-1068 surround processor

I'm looking for recommendations on a dedicated 2 channel pre with great soundstaging and imaging.

I'm open to tubes, solid whatever for $3-5K, new or used. I recently hears a Plinius 9100 in my system and the soundstage and imaging were a huge improvement over the Rotel.

A Parasound JC-2 BP might be a good option for you.
I have the standard JC-2, and it does an outstanding job with imaging and space.
Jeff Rowland Design Capri would be a good choice.
Cary SLP98 F1
Comes with HT bypass
Thank you for the suggestions. Keep them coming! I have been thinking of the Parasound, but had not yet considered the others.
I also have a sub to manage, so a pre with dual unbalanced outs would be ideal.