Preamp suggestions

I am looking for a great 2 channel pre with HT bypass for dedicated stereo listening.

My current system:
Bryston 4BSST
Bryston 9BSST (5 channel)
B&W 804S
Rotel RSP-1068 surround processor

I'm looking for recommendations on a dedicated 2 channel pre with great soundstaging and imaging.

I'm open to tubes, solid whatever for $3-5K, new or used. I recently hears a Plinius 9100 in my system and the soundstage and imaging were a huge improvement over the Rotel.

A Parasound JC-2 BP might be a good option for you.
I have the standard JC-2, and it does an outstanding job with imaging and space.
Jeff Rowland Design Capri would be a good choice.
Cary SLP98 F1
Comes with HT bypass
Thank you for the suggestions. Keep them coming! I have been thinking of the Parasound, but had not yet considered the others.
I also have a sub to manage, so a pre with dual unbalanced outs would be ideal.
Modwright. Tubed. Accurate. Flexible. Features. USA. Dan gives excellent service.
Aesthetix Calypso with NOS tubes.
Try Supratek Cabernet
I've heard great things about the Mystere CA21. Can anyone comment how it stacks up against the Manley Shrimp? I have yet to hear either, but from what I have read, the Manley may wash over the detail somewhat. The Mystere is very minimalist, but gets great reviews.
On the solid side, any thoughts on the Tap-X vs. the Wyred STP? Very different approaches in a passive vs. an active.
If you want to warm up your system, better move would be to go buy McIntosh amps which are natural fit for B&Ws.
I have veen very very pleased with my Musical Fidelity kW Hybrid preamp. You can find nice reviews of it in Stereophile and elsewhere. A true tank, a great sounding tank. It combined what I liked most about active pres (the drive and oomph) with what I loved in the passive pres that I tried (detail retrieval). They do show up here used from time to time.
To reinforce what Keithr mentioned, I own 804S and used to drive them with all SS gear and got a McIntosh MC275 (tubes) and loved it, and later got a Lamm LL2 deluxe preamp, and loved it even more. The ergonomics of the Lamm aren't for everyone, though. I don't mind not having a remote and prefer to spend all the budget on the sound vs bells and whistles, but that's just me.

You should audition the 804S and tubes.

My two cents!
If you want to wait and maybe save up some more money, the Herron VTSP 3a would be a great choice. I suggest giving Keith a call if there is any interest on your part. No affiliation or anything, just a huge fan boy of his pre.
There are certainly a lot of great preamps in the $2-$5K range as I've discovered. I've identified about 10 that I am interested, both solids and tubes. Of the systems that I've heard that I like best within my price range, I prefer the combo of SS amp and tube pres (so far). To my ear a solid amp has more speed and energy than a similarly priced tube setup. I have a large room and I do like to listen at high levels from time to time.

The biggest issue is trying to find a dealer who sells boutique gear and audition it. Much of it has very limited regional availability. Getting it into my system to hear it is challenging. I appreciate all the suggestions of swapping out my amp and pre for tubes, but I'm not in a position, nor am I inclined to change two components at once. My main goals are to gain increased transparency and open up the soundstage with better imaging. I value detail pretty highly.

Right now I'm quite curious about the Mystere CA21, the Manley Jumbo Shrimp on the tube side and the Jeff Rowland Design Capri and the Wyred STP-SE on the solid side.
Well I ended up with an EAR 868 which I absolutely love so far. The imaging is stellar, but what's most amazing about it is that it makes the music sound 'live' and it's highly emotional and involving.
Get the entry level Shindo from a dealer. As you have additonal $, you can continue trading up the Shindo line as the dealer trade in credit is extremely generous. Very expensive but IMO worth every penny.
W4S STP-SE, don't be swayed by the low price. It is the real deal if you value transparency with musicality. Could be the best value linestage in the high-end.
Thanks for the suggestions guys. I picked up an EAR 868 here and I've been extremely happy with it. I my system, I don't think I could really do much better. The image is as tall as the room and far wider than the speakers. As for musicality and detail - just WOW. It makes even lousy recording sounds decent. And great recordings just blow me away.
Hi lovebug.

I know this thread stopped a while ago, however I have a question for you.

You started by asking for a preamp with home theater bypass (which I require as well) but you say at the end that you settled on a EAR 868. I didn't think the EAR had a bypass feature. Did you just skip this feature when making your choice, or am I wrong regarding the bypass ability of the 868? Thanks, David.