Preamp suggestions 1200$ used

Hey everyone! thanks for taking the time to get this far and read my post!
I'm looking for a preamp for my system.
I'm an audio newbie, and my current system consists of the following:

Tyler Ref. Monitors
Rogue Magnum 88 amp
CAL CL15 cd player
SignalCable shotgun biwire (bananas)

currently using a Denon 1801 receiver as a preamp and I think that I could do much better than this receiver.
I'd like to ask for your help in building a short list of preamps 8-15 that I could follow up with some research and hopefully some inhouse auditions. Like I said, I'm new to this so any help is appreciated.

Things that are important to me:
1) resale value/demand (no joe's custom preamps)
2) I only use a cd player, other inputs are required
3) I need a remote volume control
4) I am using a powered sub along with my monitors so it would be nice if the preamp had a sub output (dunno if this is standard? or scarce?)
5) I dont have a preference to tube or solid, like I said, I'm a newbie, I just want SOMETHING for starters
6) I'm an upgrader, depending on the impact of the preamp I may choose to upgrade my speakers soon.

thanks for any help!
If you could sacrifice the remote, either of the
above are outstanding preamps. The ML-1 is an early
Levinson, but has superb soundstaging, taught bass,
and a very clean, nonfatiguing high end. I bought one
about 7 years ago for $900 and sold it last year on
eBay for $1050, and I've seen some sell for even more.
It is an excellent value around $1000. The SP-14 has
an excellent phono section, is very rich and dynamic,
and is very configurable. It too can be had around
$1000. Both have a ready market for resale.

I can't think of any preamps in that price range with
a remote which offer the build quality, excellent
performance and retention of resale value that these
two possess.
How about a Rogue 99 to go with your 88?
You may want to give the BAT VK3i a try. Some are configured with a remote. Make sure you get one with RCAs and XLRs. Its a tube unit, has a unity gain setting for HT by-pass, and will be two or three orders of magnitude better tnan the Denon. It should be right in your ball-park and the remote is mostly just volume and mute. Does not have a seperate sub out, but has both XLR and RCA out, so you can check with BAT about ability to drive a sub. Outstanding customer service.
If your sub has a high pass connection I would use it for a music only system. The high pass connects to the speaker terminals of your power amp, so an extra pre-out for the sub is not needed.
Like Sugarbrie, the obvious contender, especially for a novice, is Rogue. You could buy a used one here and resell it without loss if you did not care for it. Whatever you pick, be prepared a dramatic improvement. Have fun
Go with the Rogue preamp as it will match up well with the Rogue amp you already have. Also pick up a few power cords for the amp and preamp combo!
Happy Listening.
Try the Marsh P2000. You can get it new at your price point. It has all the qualities your list.
i drove tyler linbrooks with a rogue 88 (stock) and 99 magnum combo for about a year without the slightest complaint whatsoever, very nice. out of curiosity one fine saturday i wanted to see how the cary sli-80 integrated would perform at home with my tylers and front-end. i was very impressed to say the least. simple, musical and involving, i was thinking music, not hi-fi the entire time, cd after cd after cd...i do not use a sub myself, but the sli-80 does have a sub out which would suit your needs. from what i've read the sli-80 takes another leap forward with some tube swapping, something else to think about.

life and this hobby being what they are, of course i ended up purchasing a cary v12 privately and still use my 99 magnum pre, but if i wanted one less box, the sli-80 integrated would definitley be on my list. i understand this suggestion would make your rogue 88 irrelevant, but i'd say consider this now rather than later,if you are in no rush to buy.
otherwise, you could hardly go wrong picking up a matching rogue preamp. mark at rogue is a stand-up guy and a pleasure to do business with. great amps and great customer support.
great choice in speaker
hope this helps you decide
Thought I'd add that this preamp will function in a strictly 2 channel audio system.

I keep seeing "line level stage" in some of the explanations of the preamps, my understanding was line level was just another term for RCA any help here?
You can get a used Sonic Frontier Line 1 for about $1000.
It's one of the better hi-end tube preamp around.
built like a tank with hi quality components, 2sets of outputs,remote: volume, balance, phase, mute, inputs, stby has bypass sw for SSP, and more...

Just check out the WWW.. for Sonic Frontiers line series preamps and read the reviews...Happy hunting. Even though Sonic Frontiers no longer manufacture these product, they still provide customer support (repairs & upgrades).

Happy hunting and good luck. Hope this helps.
I thought that with the CL15 you did not need a preamp. Why don't you give that a try and use the volume control of the CL15