Preamp suggestion for Quad 12L actives

Hello-I am wondering what preamps, passive and active, people have used with these speakers. My system is composed of the 12L actives, Rega P2 w/Denon DL103, and Oppo 970. As you might imagine, I'd like recommendations that are in the same $ range as the rest of the system.

Many thanks!
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i have used ird purist and just inserted a musical fidelity a3cr with great results, you can get one of these used for around $600. i love the 12 active, get a pair of diffractionbegone felt pads for tweeter and hear the soundstage depth and width improve!
Thanks for the suggestions. Do the grilles fit over the pads, or do have to remove them?
Umm...maybe a Quad 99 with built in phono stage?