Preamp suggestion

Hi Guys,
I am pretty new to the audio stuff and by no mean an audiophile, but love to hear good musics that includes jazz, pop and hip hops. I recently purchased BW 805D but am in dilemma of amp/preamp choice. Please suggest :
1. I listened to Primare A30. and they sounded vey clean for the price.
2. I also moved Macintosh mc252 (5k), but pairing it with mcintosh preamp is out of my budget. Is there a cheap alternative i could go without sacrificing the quality. Any other multichannel receiver that'd do the job?
3. Any other suggestion? or I am better off with primare a30 (which i could get around 1200)? I know there is a huge difference between 1 & 2..
What's your budget? You may be better suited to get a decent integrated than to go with separates under a certain $ amount.
My budget is around 3-4k. Howz macintosh ma6300? Anyone's using it here? I don't want to spend a fortune on integrated but I don't want more than 2.1 channel
The LSA Standard integrated at 150 watts/channel into 8 ohms fits your budget. They are also upgradeable to the LSA Signature or the LSA Statement for just the price difference, if you ever feel you want more pefomance.
I replaced Primare A30.1 with BAT vk-3i and vk-200. It is hard to believe how much better BAT is until you hear it.