Preamp sugestions for an Anthem statment p5 HT?

I was looking into the D2 Anthem (older non 3d version) But I started to think what other Pre Amps should I look into?

I know there is the Input output thing between the amp and pre, so what am I looking for?

The only thing I absolutly need in the pre amp is
1) at least a 5 channel XLR connetions to the amp
2) the pre amp to be able to alow a "lossless" signal..IE Dolby True HD.

So what ya got and why?

I think you are on the right track with a D2. It's very highly reviewed and it matches your amp cosmetically. Unless you want to go in a totally different direction, that is what I would do.
It doesn't matter all that much to me if the out side matches. the d2v seems to be a little expensive.
It would seem that the upcoming Emotiva XMC-1 would do the trick for you, $1499. Check it out:

The Anthems are very good, although as you say are somewhat pricy.

Emotiva has had problems with the earlier versions of its processor. I do not know the current details, but they were, at least originally, not rock solid. Getting all the details right can be complicated on a 7.1 processor.

Cary 11/12 sound great, but likewise, have had some issues with things like pops/clicks and syncing.

Classe is very fine, but so is the price.

From the mass market guys, many people like Integra processors, like the 9.8, 9.9, 80.2. Integra is a top end Onkyo brand.

Marantz also has a strong following. The 7005 is current.

I have only heard the Anthem, not the others. But at least those are some of the main choices.
Well... i am looming for an anthem D2v, not the new 3D model. maybe one will come up at a decent price since it is not the latest and greatest. i will look into the other suggestions. thanks
The anthem d2v is just too damn expensive... maybe just use the elite for the pre and call it good. i would no even know how to begin matching up a pre to my amp when it was not the same manufacturer, i am sure there is a lot to consider...