Preamp Showdown: BAT or Sonic Frontiers?

Some reviewers seemed to feel the BAT preamps sound more real than the Sonic Frontiers. Yet, I have read criticisms on BATs having soggy bass and a lower midrange added "chestiness".

I use an older SFL2 with a AR VT-100 into B&W 802 Matrix 3's with outboard North Creek crossovers. Do you think a newer Line 3 or BAT VK 30 would be a noticeable improvement?

Or, how would you characterize your experiences with any of these pieces?
i have never heard anyone complain of soggy bass with BAT stuff. i suspect that reviewer's system had other issues that caused the soggy bass problem. as far as the "chestiness" goes, i have heard that complaint before but i have never noticed the problem in my vk-30 (which is for sale, btw). BAT stuff tends to be pretty neutral.

the vk-30 is a great piece imho. i am only selling it to upgrade to another BAT preamp. i can't comment on the sonic frontiers preamps except to say that the future of that company is questionable, based on what some people in the industry have told me.

s2k, BAT user for life

I've been through a ton of high end gear over the last 25 years, especially preamps. My BAT VK-30 blew me away when I inserted it into my system, the BAT stuff is the best gear I've owned yet. How would I describe the BAT VK30...smooth, very lightly rolled off treble, authoritative bottom end, medium paced. There may be better but I suspect would cost a LOT more for very little improvement. I've fiddled around with SF, for these ears the BAT wins hands down.
I have extensive experience with both the VK-5i and the VK-50se and they do not have soggy bass. Must have been a problem somewhere else in the system.
Well after you've made your choice find thatbuddy who loves your speakers then sell for $2K-2500 and try the new 803.Staying with everything you like about your current speakers but new one's blow 'em away for $1K more list.
Could hardly believe it when I read your post. My system is a BAT VK-200 power amp into B&W 802's with North Creek xovers, and I just put a VK-30 into the system. It has made the music come completely alive. All who have heard it agree that it has made the difference between listening to stereo and enjoying music. I have heard SF pre's and I thought they sounded rather sterile. If you're a detail freak, you'll love its sound. If you prefer music, go with the BAT. Bass is not soggy, but is not pure slam like so many hi-fi's. If you listen to real music, there is not much slam to it. The BAT plays a tuneful bass, with overtones and resonances of the instruments.