PreAmp shortlist:ARC LS8MKII, BC BC21, Rogue 99?

These are the three pre amps I believe I have narrowed it down to. Has anyone done a comparison the three sonically? Am I missing any good tubed pre amps under the $1500 dollar mark? Any input would be appreciated.
Bat VK3i...anothe good one for your list...VK5 might be just above you 1500 mark...

What amp and speakers are you matching this with? that might determine what's best for you...
I am completely rebuilding after a bad Home Theatre experience. I have a auditioned the Vandersteen 2ce sig and the new ProAc mini monitors that are replacing the Tablette 2000 and to my ears the ProAcs were much better. The Vandersteens were way to laid back for my tastes. I have Paradigm Mini monitors right now, that I can use temporarily so I will get speakers last. I am also getting rid of my Denon Cd player, I am leaning towards a used Audiomeca Keops, Cal CL-15, or possibly a Theta Transport and DAC combo.
As far as amp I have listened to the Rogue 88 and the ARC VTM200 (unfair comparison I know), I liked the ARC better, had better low level detail and transparency to my ears. I also listened to the CJ CAV 60 integrated and it sounded to bloomy for me.
Hope this helps,
Audible Illusions Modulus 3A??
If you go with the ARC amp, I'd say go with the preamp as well...But the VTM200 is a awful lot of power for those speakers. Money might be better spent elsewhere...go with a stereo vt100 instead?
I was just using the VTM 200 to describe the sound quality I like, if I could afford those suckers I would buy them. But they are way out of my price range!
BAT VK-3i, Sonic Frontiers Line 1?
Ok, try a BAT vk3i and a VK200 or VK60...

The audible illusions mentioned above is another great choice...
I listened to the BAT vk3i today and was very impressed with the balance, nothing really stood out it just seemed like it did everything right. The only thing that made me nervous was there was a very high noise floor. Is a high noise floor characteristic of BAT or do you think there was something wrong with the dealers setup?
You'll never regret the Rogue 99
Take a look at the VTL TL2.5, new linestage, with remote for $1,500. You can find a used one for $750-$950 depending on age and whether or not it has the MM/MC phono stage. Throw some Mullard or Telefunken AT7/AU7 tubes in it and save $500. I was browsing Upscale Audio's site for some NOS 12AX7 tubes for my phono stage, and noticed that Kevin has a used linestage unit for $749.

FWIW, my ProAc 1.5s love the VTL power amp...
Here's a 2nd vote for the VTL 2.5TL. Try to make sure you get the "v.2" version--only way to tell is to call VTL with the SN of the unit you are buying.
regarding noise floor on the BAT VK3i...that not charicteric of bat preamps in general.
Regarding noise floor.... was it background hiss with your ear up to the speaker and no music playing? If so, this is very typical of many tube preamps but usually not noticable while playing music.
It was a background hiss with no music playing, but I did not have my ear up to the speaker I could hear it from my listening position.