Preamp Selection

I'm running a newly acquired set of Pass Aleph 1.2 power amps and am thinking of a new preamp as well. The obvious choice of a Pass Aleph P won't work because I need more inputs (5 + tape loop) than that preamp provides.

I'm considering a Krell KRC-HR, and an ARC LS-10.

Does anyone have experience with these two preamps?
The Krell is a great preamp and you may also consider the AR LS-25 and Sonic Frontiers Line 1,2 or 3.
You may find a AR LS-12 (I beleive it's discontinued) at a bargain or demo price...
Sorry I came to this thread so late. You've probably already made your decision, and my comment is only of acacemic interest.

I have a Pass Aleph P and also need more inputs. (It was bought before I added some more sources.) I added an Entech Director AV 4.1 electronic source selector switch (about $350 from Audio Advisor) and put two of my less-than-purest sources into it: FM radio and television/DVD player. I also put my cassette player into it at one time, before one of my better sources was retired. It's a nifty little box that didn't add any sonic degradation that I could hear. Unfortunately, this doesn't solve your tape loop needs. (My tape player is now hooked up to the Aleph P's source #4 and tape out connections, which the Aleph P manual promises will never be connected together to form a destructive feedback loop.)