PreAmp repair s SoCal

Looking to get a Proceed repaired in SoCal, anybody got any suggestion (other than Harmon?)
Mitch Singerman in LA might be someone worth calling. He does repairs on lots of different gear. If he can't help you he probably could give you other options.
Check with Tom Carione at Brooks Berdan Ltd. 626-359-9131
The best place in town is George Meyer's in Santa Monica. They are authorized repair for Krell and McIntosh, but do work on everything else. They have repaired Mac and Classe amps for me, and I'm waiting on a classic Mac 1700 receiver right now. They take their time, but they do a good job and are very reasonably priced.

Here is their phone number: 310-820-1113
Thanks for all the response's ya'll I wandered around Morris's shop today,(George Myer 310-820-1113) what a treasure trove! And the best part.. I asked about a MagnumDynalab 101 tuner he had in and he said...NO PARTS AVAILABLE, made me happy I'm buying a Accuphase Also their a HOOT to deal with...the banter is amazing, I don't think their from SoCal