preamp remote won't work??

I have a Acurus RL-11 preamp and the remote decided to not work. It's not the obvious(batteries), and I am thinking it is the remote control, but before I go buy a replacment, is it likely to be something else with the preamp?
If it works like the Jeff Rowland models, you might want to read this thread. I got mine to work by holding a paper clip across both battery terminals inside the remote for a couple of minutes.
Really? What does that do. You mean you took out the batteries and just held a paper clip across both positives?
I just wondering if it is more commom for the remote to not work, or the sensor in the preamp itself.
I had a remote go on my pre (other brand), cost me $30 to replace.
Google on "remotes" or "remote codes" and you'll find many companies who repair, or offer replacements, or universals. One of the sites I found that way some time ago suggested that often a remote can get stuck, and to "unstick" it you remove the battery and depress and release each key one at a time until each has been depressed. You do this in each mode - so for example if your remote has a switch of "ffn" key to enable keys to perform multiple functions, you need to go through each mode. I suspect this has the affect similar to shorting the battery terminals suggested above.

If this fails you can try one of the repair or replacement services, or use a universal remote - though you'll need to locate the code set used for your pre.

As for whether it's the remote or the sensor in the pre that's gone - the easiest way to determine that is to find a universal remote and codes and test it.
Thanks. I did find a replacmement, but I just am not sure it is the remote or not, so before spending the $50, I thought their might be away of knowing. I would imagine the remote is more likely going to fail, since it is the device that gets the most use, wear.
5. Remove the battery cover from the remote, and take the batteries out.

Find a paper clip, and unwind & shape it into a "U" shape, such that each end of the paper clip can touch the two adjacent battery connectors (the two metal pieces that are closet together).

Touch the paperclip's ends to the battery connectors so that they are now "connected." Leave them connected for about 10 seconds.

Put the batteries back in, and try again.

Does the remote work after replacing the batteries?

Yes - That's all - enjoy your Vidabox!

No - Your remote may need replacement. Contact us for assistance if you are still within the warranty period, or purchase a replacement at our online store.