Preamp Rectifier Tube Confusion

I have a Primaluna Prologue 3 which uses 5AR4 rectifier tubes which id like to roll. I’m looking at ShuGuang WE274B tubes which list as replacements for 5AR4 / 5U4G / 274B. 
However, the Primaluna manual lists compatible tubes as: GZ34, CV1377, 5V4G, 5T4, 5Y3 and Upscale Audio also list the Philips 5R4GYS.

Any idea if the ShuGuang would work?
  If this indeed due to a voltage increase or decrease, so be it, but it did and does change the sound.
I'm sure it does! But that is the only reason they make a difference- and if its all about getting the best sound, you can do better than that by going solid state (and making sure that the circuit and power transformer are happy with the increased current draw) as long as the rectifier/transformer combo doesn't make noise- if it does, there are way of shutting it up.

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Philips 5R4GYS in the house! Beautiful glass...haven’t had time to give them a critical listen.

just don't let the eyes fool the ears

bling and good sound are separate departments, need separation of powers  :)

I have my 3 favorite recording’s that are superb at demonstrating vocals, soundstage and separation. They also do the magic act and make the KEF Q150’s disappear...if I can’t hear a difference then I’ll chalk up the 5R4GYS to pure aesthetics. 🤷🏼‍♂️
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Just save yourself a bunch of time and grief by contacting Andy Bowman at Vintage Tube Service to get specific guidance.  I only deal with Andy on my tube purchases and he knows what he is doing at a fair price.