Preamp Recommendations Welcomed

I am in the process of acquiring a Blue Circle BC22 amp, which will be upgraded to MKII status at the BC factory. I'm wondering what to do in terms of a "synergistic" preamp to go with the amp. The BC21.1 looks good and has received some very favourable reviews. Any others that should be on my short list? Other gear in system:

- KEF Q5 floorstanders
- NAD C541i CD player
- NAD C420 tuner
- Van den Hul D102 MKIII interconnects

I am leaning towards a tube preamp, and favour tonal balance, clarity and musicality.

How about a BC pre-amp with the cherry knobs... yum :)
Not only will they match cosmetically. They are designed to go with each other.
Thanks Steuspeed.

I guess I should have mentioned that my budget is around $1,500 give or take a few hundred.

I would suggest an Audio Research LS-15 last year they were going for $1500 this year there down to about $1100. Search the discussion forums and you'll find many positive posts about this tube pre. added bonus' are that it has a remote, it is fully factory supported and is a well known reliable piece. I am running one with the same VDH interconnects as you. This pre has matched nicely with my Classe and Rowland amps. My source is a Denon dvd-5000 as a CD player.

There are two Blue Circle BC-3 Despania pre-amps on Audiogon for $1400 bucks.

There is a Sonic Frontiers SFL-2 for 1,295. One if not the best pre-amp SF ever made. Both don't have remote control however.