Preamp Recommendations for VT100m2.

Hi All, I have heard that to truly get the best out of Audio Research amps you must use their preamps too. Currently I run a VT100m2 either directly from an XA7ES CD player or via a passive Adcom GFP-750. The sound quality is very close. Has anyone had any experience mixing and matching AR amps with AR preamps verses other preamps ? I only use CD's.
a audio research pre would be best or a number other high end tube pre-amps. i've on several occasions the wadia 850 & 860 with the vt100.sounds really good but you need to get the cabling right. but its alot easier to do jutice to that amp with a good pre-amp[ls-5 mk11 or 111,ls-15].but i can't imagine a adcom anything sounding that good. please do right by that wonderful amp.
i have an arc vt100 and ls15 and have tried no other combo but donot think there probably is another combo that will give you the synergistic sound that the arc gear matched with each other can give you.i have a sony scd-1 and use an outboard dac...a kora ..and the total package is awesome. there is a web site,,great northern sound that can upgrade your arc gear to reference levels if so desired. i have talked with some that have had this done and they rave about the improvement. i intend on having this done later this year.
I'm currently using an L-1 line stage from Audible Illusions with a VT100 II with Straightwire Maestro interconnects and am getting very nice sound. But I have to admit that the ARC amp and pre-amp combos sound great at my dealer. But I think all I've heard it with is the Ref. II ($10,000) or LS-25 ($5,000). You can get a used L-1 for about 800 clams or about 1,700 new.