Preamp recommendations for Pass Labs Aleph 30 amp

There are so many preamps out there that I don't know where to start.

I am looking for a neutral sounding preamp with quick pace, excellent air, and tight deep bass to complement my Pass Labs Aleph 30 power amp.

I had an Audio Electronic Supply DJH signature preamp (Cary). It was great in so many ways but I got tired of the dark and slow sound. I realized I like PRAT but want a natural ease in its presentation as well.

I want 4 inputs, 2 outputs and remote. My budget is under $900 used.
My current cdp is a Cary 308. My speakers are fast and detailed high end custom made.
If you can spend a little more I would get the Pass Aleph P. Its very neutral and great looking to boot.
After much consideration I have been leaning that way. Any idea how it compares to the newer X1?
I used an Aleph 3 for years. Strangely enough I tried it with an X2 pre and it sounded terrible, with uncorrectable hum, have'nt a clue why. After much searching I settled on a Conrad Johnson Prem 17Ls, a magical combination. Many wiser heads than mine have advocated a valve pre with SS power amp The Premier 17 may be overkill. but CJ do an axcellent cheaper range of"PV" Pre amps, thats where I would go.

Why would a Pass pre be a mismatch?

I don't know much about CJ's Premier line compared to their PV. Can you enlighten me. I don't wan't to soften dynamics and darken the sound like the Cary/AES tube pre did. I love great dynamics for large scale music.

Mike, I have'nt a clue why the X2 was'nt a match, it was a complete mystery to me and the helpful dealer. It produced an audible hum even with the volume at zero. I tried different cables, supports, I even tried with a friends Aleph 5, same hum. Pass Labs could'nt explain either. I am not saying you would have the same problem at all.
As for the CJ 17, no tube wooliness at all, detailed, but not harsh, the expected great tube midrange, but good base too. Also the widest soundstage I've heard with the Aleph 3. I loved that amp for it's detail and sweet tone, but it does'nt throw a very wide stage. I have listened to a number of tube pre's and am a commited CJ fan. IMHO you will find it hard to beat under reference grade pre's, plus they are reliable and the firm give excellent after sale service. If you can. give the combo an audition somewhere, I think you will be impressed. best wishes
Thanks David12
I had a BAT with mine - even Steve from BAT thinks that BAT and Pass run well together. The Pass is a 2-stage device while the BAT preamps are 1-stage. That combined with a balanced connection really worked sounded "oraganic".

Which model did you have? Some models are very expensive, so I hope your talking about their cheapest one. Are they very neutral sounding. That is what I got tired of in the long run with the Cary/AES preamp. I realize I like a clear neutral sound with good PRAT.

I had the VK-3ix which is the newest model for the low end - is a great preamp - didn't even have the remote. You see them pop-up here all the time. Expect to pay about $1500 for a good condition, 1 year old unit...
I have excellent results using the Pass Aleph 30 with Audible Illusions Modulus II and Audio Research LS-7. I use the Spica 50 and a Velodyne subwoofer. I tried other pre amps before, but they did not make the grade. I have never tried any of the Pass pre amps, though.
I think Audio Research tube preamps would be a good match if you like dynamic sound and honest presentation. I own LS-25MkI and it is a very open and dynamic sounding preamp. Should be a very nice match. Fully balanced design, adjustable gain, theater pass-through(if you care about that). Uses 4 6922/6DJ8 tubes.