Preamp recommendations for DNA125/Tyler Linbroooks

I am looking for a few recommendations for my next preamp. The budget is $2000 or so (new or used) and my system consists of a McCormack DNA-125 upgraded to the Gold (or "A" level), a Sony 9000es with the Allen Wright Level 6 mods, and a set of Tyler Acoustics Linbrook Signature speakers. My current preamp is a Eastern Electric Minimax, which sounds very nice, but I am looking for a step up in transparency and clarity. The Minimax was purchased when the rest of my system was a bit lower end, so it is probably lagging compared with the other upgrades I have made. Great little preamp for the money though!

Any ideas for a preamp? I have owned mostly tubes for preamps over the years, but am not opposed to solid state. Due to where I live, it is hard to evaluate any decent 2-channel preamps in my living room (no 2-channel dealers in town here). I don't have balanced IC's on the CDP or amp, so that isn't a great need, and don't need a phono stage at this time. Thanks in advance!
McCormack RLD 1 is a good match plus you can have it upgraded in the future. They are a bargain used.
I used a VTL TL5.5 with my DNA-125 with great results. I think you could find one used for about $2000.