Preamp recommendations for Aragaon Palladium amps?

I just picked up a first generation pair of Aragon Palladium mono block amps from a local seller and now looking for a preamp.  My budget is $1,500; tube or SS is fine but would also prefer a decent phono stage included.  Thanks.
Those are good quality amps.  I'd suggest anything that fits your budget in the used market from Conrad Johnson, Audio Research, Mark Levinson, or Bryston.   The better Parasound preamps should work just fine with those as well.   

   Enjoy them, grab a superb speaker pair to get the best outcome!

    I love those amps!,!!!

total bada$$!!
Recall the Palladium’s are balance input only so try to find an preamp with XLR out. Probably going to have less of a selection in your budget with a phono preamp. I’d look into a preamp that’s a little on the warmer side as Aragon’s can be a little forward sounding, but great amps. Look into an older ARC Line series with balance out as a SP series will probably be outside your budget and pickup a nice phono preamp as there’s plenty out there.

If you can find a Parks Audio Budgie phono preamp you’ll have a killer rig.
@adg101 is right on in his comments

agree 100%

balanced input requirement narrows the field substantially
Thanks for the replies.  I've located a Plinius 16M preamp and will see how it sounds with the Palladium amps.