Preamp Recommendations for Active Speakers?

I was lucky to find some Quad 12L Actives in town about a year ago and I now can't see parting with them. I've been running them directly from a Rotel 1070 preamp and the performance has been very good. Nevertheless, I know this is an entry level preamp. Trouble is, I just don't see any specs that indicate the input sensitivity of the speakers that might guide my purchase of a (probably used) tube or higher end SS preamp. All I can see in the manual is that the speakers have .775V RMS input sensitivity.

Any pointers or recs for relatively low cost preamps, SS or tube?
Hey - why dont you get a good CD player with variable output and bypass a pre-amp alltogether? Dont worry too much about the in/output sensitivity of the speakers and/or pre-amp. All equipment today is more or less near 1 volt RMS (line level)...

Just a thought...