Preamp recommendation with odyssey stratos and vandersteen 2c's? Or, other possibilities?

Hi folks, 

Looking for some recommendations for preamps that will mate well with odyssey stratos amp and vandersteen 2c's? My budget is between $200-$300max. I've heard the NAD 1300 is nice sounding? Or perhaps the Sumo Athena? What about Adcom 555II or Hafler 915?

Another route I was thinking was using the variable out on my Adcom GCD-575 cd player and go direct into the odyssey? Or, is there a better CD player with variable outs? Anything from Sony (i.e. CDP-707ES)? 

Or, I could dump both preamp and CD and use the Tidal steaming and go direct from my Auris bluetooth reciever into the amp and control volume on my iPhone 5? 

Nice lil Audire Legato pre for sale at used shop in University district Seattle...$289
They also have a Tandberg 3000 series for a whisker over 400 ( ask).. that is a very fine hyper quit pre w excellent phono stage..IMO
I have no relationship to store just a frequent customer..
Try the variable out and listen. If you like that route you might consider an upgrade to a better player and look to  purchase one with access to its' DAC and then you can also stream.

Have have you considered s passive? Luminous Audio axiom for around $199. They configure it to you amps specs. No affiliation with Luminous. I also own a Stratos which is paired with an odyssey candela pre. Wonderful. Dave