Preamp recommendation; ≤ $5k

Hello all. I'll try to keep the memoir fodder to a minimum; I'm looking for a tubed preamp for my J2. I'm fairly new to the joys and kicks of hifi, and this would be my first non-solid state component. The J2 will be driving a pair of Zu Soul Supremes. 

The conditionals: I have it on good authority, though not verified personally, that the J2 really comes alive when using its balanced inputs. With that thought knocking around in my head, and the fact that the J2 is the only production First Watt amp with balanced inputs, I am looking to utilize this feature of the amp. Therefore, the preamp I am looking for would have to be balanced. Further, I am not looking to spend more than $5k. Further still, I would strongly prefer that the preamp be domestic in design/manufacturing origin. 

The dilemma is such that before I was gripped by the idea of narrowing my search to balanced designs, I was smitten by the Decware CSP325. Once settled on balanced, I shifted my attention to the Decware ZTPRE. I then discovered the Primaluna EVO400, which not only offers balanced outputs, but also a tube-regulated power supply. The only problem with the EVO400, from my perspective, is that it is manufactured overseas. I treat the practice of listening to records as a bit of a holistic event, and the idea that a contributing component to that experience is the benefactor of the exploitation of cheaper, non-domestic labor rates does not sit well with me. 

In any case, if anyone has any thoughts or recommendations, they'd be most appreciated. 
Sound profiles of tube pres vary greatly so would be helpful if you could specify what sound characteristics are most important to you. 
You should look at the Aesthetix Calypso and Pallene. Both are $5K or less new and offer balanced and single-ended inputs and outputs. The Calypso has been around for a few years Andean be found used or ordered new. The Pallene is the preamp section of the Aesthetix Mimas integrated amp and is not on their website yet. Both are excellent sounding preamps made in the USA.

Good Luck! 
A Don Sachs linestage is worth considering. He will tweak the output to match your amp’s impedance.

They start around $2,600 and you can customize it with better caps.

Oops, never mind, I just noticed you wanted balanced outputs. Don doesn’t do balanced outputs (only balanced inputs).
soix asked the key question - one that posters far too often neglect to address in any equipment question asked

that been said...

pass makes pre’s, with balanced outs - house synergy can be magical... you’ve bought into the f2, this worth considering - talk to nelson...

ayre does too, excellent solid state

audio research for top shelf lovely sounding tube pre’s with true balanced topologies

others out there too... but these to me are the obvious suspects to consider