Preamp recommendation $2500-$3000 for ref 1000's

Thanks in advance for your help. Speakers are Tyler Linbrook sigs floorstanders. I am looking for new or used and remote is important. I tried a Dehavilland Ultraverve 2 but did not work well with the bel cantos due to an impedance mismatch. I will be listing the ultraverve shortly and anyone using the ref 1000's please let me know what pre is working for you. Thanks
I am a BC dealer, and had the ref1000 in my reference demo room.

I would say a nice tube pre would be good. You are going to want a fairly high output level though - 2+ volts if possible to get the best volume and dynamics

good luck!
I have Driven BC Ref 1000 Mk.1 and Mk.2 in my system using a JRDG Capri linestage in balanced configuration. The Synergy is excellent, because the Capri has an output impedance of only 80 Ohms, which enables it to drive amps of virtually any input loads with very good control. The price should be within your budget, both used and new. Guido
All of these components are listed on the GoN:

McIntosh 2200
Aesthetix Calypso
Joule Electra la 150 mkii
Joule-Electra LA-150 MkII. I think they have a few demos - call them. Excellent synergy with solid state power amp.
I drove mine (since sold) with a Modwright LS36.5 and the results were excellent. Could be found used for a bit more than the top of your range, but well worth it IMO. They don't come up that often on the used market though.