Preamp recommendation

Hi Guys
Need your help in choosing a preamp for my system. 
I have Krell KRS200 mono blocks running B&W 800Ds. I have an option for the following preamps. 
VTL 6.5
Krell KCR HR
I wanted to get a tube preamp but not sure how the Krell monos will work with a tube pre. I am currently using a KCR 3 pre which is starting to have issues. Briefly I had replaced the KCR3 with ML 38s and the ML was no match for the Krell. A lot of the bottom end was missing. So any help would be appreciated. I cannot audition any of the above in my system. 
Sources include a PS Audio DSJ and Clearaudio TT with a Dynavector Cart and an Avid Phono stage. 

Offcourse system synergy always comes in play with the matching of components from diff. Manufacturers,so my first pick would be to stay all in the krell family.

The Vtl is a respectable and good warm sounding pre that has plenty of detail and good solid bass,I've heard it paired with krs200 powering 800 d's.

I'm not a fan of the cj though and don't know much about it.I'm kinda lucky we have a local audio club in my area and I get to hear and borrow all kinds of cool gear.

Best of luck,