Preamp recommendation

Hi everyone. I am in search of a preamp for my system. I was thinking about get an Adcom, B&K, or NAD. right now I am using a Lexicon Omega interface as a preamp which I use mainly for work. Thanks alot.
What type of front end will you be using? Different pre amps have different sonic signatures. What kind of sound are you looking for? Laid back ? Tilted to the top? and what kind of music do you like? Most important is price range as pre's are all over the map. All these variables and more should be considered when putting together a system.
Right now I am using my computer and my NAD cd player as my source. I listen to mostly rock and country.
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Bob, I have heard that the Parasound P3 tend to be a tad bright in the high end. The Benchmark Pre is nice but it is way over my price range. I am going to use CDs as my primary source of music. I just mention the Omega interface because it is more convenient for me as a music source right now. I am also looking for a better cd player.
Check out the Emotiva website and their pre
Look at the new NAD C 165BEE. This is a really nice piece for the money. Or look at the Cambridge Azur 840E preamp.

If you are looking at Adcom - try to find a used GFP-750, those are pretty good.
Thanks you all for the recommendations. I have decided to go with an Adcom GTP-350.