Preamp reccomendation.

I have a Rotel rb1050 power amp and NAD c521 cd player.
My speakers are PSB Image 5t's.Any reccomendations for a
no frills tube or ss preamp under $500.
If you are able to spend about $625 here on Agon, you can get a FANTASTIC preamp, the Audio Research LS-3 solid-state linestage. I am using one in a $50,000 reference system, it is that good. It will allow you to upgrade your amp and CD player in the future.
Thanks for the response,unfortunately I'm on a tight
budget and $500 is my limit.
Hi, I think that the Aragon pre-amps are excellent, I have really enjoyed mine (18k). Very quiet, no frills, just good sound, separate power supply, solidly built, and usually can find good deals on this site in your price range. 18k i've seen around 300-400 and the 24k a little more maybe both on this site.

good luck
Thanks for responding.I've ordered a Space Tech Labs preamp.
Well, great choice as I was going to recommend a Space-Tech-Lab pre-amp! I purchased a QA-112 to try with an $30K system, not that that means much, and have loved it so much I haven't upgraded to his more spendy models. A true great audio bargain. Hand built, tube triode pre's are magic in my opinion.
Thanks for the response.I,m happy you've had a positive experiance.
What is the web address for "Space Tech Labs"?
The classic Adcom GTP-500II sounds good has a phono imput, or try a used older Classe pre-amp. Enjoy.
Thanks,but I've already made a purchase.
Roryfan, what model did you order? Gosh this company has a lot of models. Makes selecting a unit difficult.
I ordered the QA-001.For me the choice was simple.This unit
is exactly what I was looking for.No frills,tubes, and it fits my budget.I spent some time talking with Albert at Space Tech,he was very helpful.My thanks to Brad for turning me on to this line of equipment.
Roryfan, you will find the AES-3(Audio Electronic Supply) tubed preamp one of the best bargains under $500 used. These can be found used here on Audiogon for close to $400 (factory assembled). Dynamite preamp from Dennis Had owner of Cary. The AES-3 uses 6SN7 tubes that make tube rolling a joy....

I did look at the AES-3.Went as far as contacting a local Cary dealer.Retail price was a little over my budget,and I diddent have the time to locate a quality used unit.