Preamp question: Mcintosh c500t vs Einstein mk2

I have decided to upgrade my preamp from a my integrated Rotel 1062 that I am using for the pre-out. The preamps that I am looking at is Mcintosh c500t or the Einstein mk2 "The Tube". I'd like to keep my pre under 8k used.

Some background info on my system is I use an Ayre QB-9 Dac going to a my Rotel preamp with a Mcintosh mc402 amp pushing my B&W 802D. Also my ic cables a ok but pretty entry level transparent audio, music-link level.

I am fairly new to the audio hobby about two years, but it is very addicting! I have acquired most of my equipment used on Audiogon. I use other members post and audio reviews to help research equipment since I do not have local dealers. I look forward to your opinions and advice. Thanks!
mac with mac is always great.
i used to use the Tube mk 2 w/ Mc 501s and it was a very musical and enjoyable combo.

cannot go wrong w/ either, but i suspect (though i dont know) the einstein has better sonics.
When using Mac in a system be sure to check polarity such as by swapping + for - on speaker cables, as very frequently Mac inverts polarity.
I have not heard much about mac inverted polarity...Does the einstein have that midrange magic most tube pres have?
Joe, it's a no cost exercise to try reversing the speaker cables, and your speakers should tell you immediately which way is correct (fuller and more distinct). A while back I visited a client with a large Mac integrated amp driving Avalon Eidolons. Just for kicks I reversed the speaker cables, and the improvement was immediate and stunning. He'd been listening with them connected the wrong way for five years.
One data point implies "very frequently"?
Wrm57: Relax. Just because I did not trot out my sources of information does not disprove what I said. It is free to try the connections both ways. My point was to make people aware of this and suggest they check it out. Maybe you should, too.
My serenity, like my polarity, is just fine, thanks. Gross generalizations with minimal substantiation call for skepticism, especially in a thread in which the OP asked for no such "enlightenment."
Thanks guys I did check anyways into this polarity... I used XLO test burn-in CD which is great for this sort of thing and all is good polarity wise. I would like to hear more from einstein and mcintosh owners and their experiences. Or if you heard both.
If you can get an Einstein The Tube Mark II for under $10,000 used that is in good condition I would snap it up.
It is about as good as pre-amplifiers get. The only less expensive pre-amp that is about as good is the Coincident Technology Linestage at $5,000, but the Coicident only has two inputs, so one really has to re-think their front end when using it. Either that, or constantly switch interconnects in the back of the unit.

I have an Einstein The Tube Mark II hooked up with an Einstein The Light in the Dark stereo amp with Lansche No. 5 speakers and couldn't be happier.