Preamp Question

I'm considering replacing my Audible Illusions M3A preamp as it seems to go through tubes regularly (every few months or so). I've tried many different tubes (Tele's, Amperex, etc) to the same effect.

Here's my system:

Audible Illusions M3A preamp
Quicksilver V4 monos
Theta Data Basic transport
California Audio Labs Alpha DAC
Avalon Arcus speakers
Acoustic Zen Silver Reference cables
dedicated circuit to listening room
Tube Traps room treatment

Anyone have thoughts on a preamp that would have synergy with my system? I've considered the Quicksilver Linestage and Airtight but am open to suggestions.

Thanks in advance,
Hello Scott-

You can take a look at my system link below to get the details, however I might be of some help.

I currently own the Quicksilver V4 monoblocks. My previous preamp was the Quicksilver Linestage (retail $1095) in which I replaced the tubes with NOS Mullard CV4004's. The Quicksilver linestage is very musical, however not the quietest.

I recently upgraded my preamp to a First Sound Presence Deluxe Mk II. The sonic difference is literally jaw dropping. There is no background tube noise at ALL (ears next to speaker with volume turned up). There was audible noise with the Quicksilver. Dynamics, both micro and macro are improved exponentially with the First Sound. I can not emphasize enough just how dead silent the backgound noise is on the First Sound. Not so much that the Quicksilver was all that noisy. It is the fact that the First Sound has to be the most silent preamp I have ever had in one of my systems. Why I emphasize this is the fact that the silent background allows you to hear the attack, the decay, the soundstage, the venue, etc. extremely precisely. All of this has been with stock tubes and stock power cord, as I have only had the new preamp in my system a week and have about 150 hours on it. I do plan on trying a better power cord and NOS tubes in it. I am told this will take this preamp to the next level.

peamps I have owned in the past:

Bryston bp-20
Music Reference RM-5 Mk IV
VTL Ultimate (older David Manley design - very good)
McCormack (don't recall the model)
Audio Research LS-15
Quicksilver Linestage

in home auditioned these in the past:

Audible Illusions M3A
VTL 2.5
VTL 5.5

There may have been another one or two that I am forgetting about. I can honestly say this is probably the only time I have inserted a preamp into my system and thought, "I won't ever have to worry about a preamp upgrade." I am extremely satisfied.

Hope this is of some help.
Seconds on the First Sound!
Thanks for the suggestions. I don't have a First Sound dealer in my area (Portland OR) so I'm not sure how/when I'll be able to demo it. Any other suggestions are appreciated.
bvaudio P1 without tubes hassle would be a great choice.
this preamp has it all
After all the rave reviews I have to wonder aloud if a Musial Fidelity A3cr would be a step up or a lateral move from my AI M3A.......
I would make it a point to give Stewart at Sanctuary of Sound at call in Port Orchard, WA. He is an audiogon dealer as well 360-874-1201. Not sure how far of a drive that would be, but he is a First Sound dealer. The Musical Fidelity gear is not even remotely in the same leage as the First Sound preamp. You must at least audition this preamp if you are remotely interested.

Good luck!
I have been a long time owner of an Audible Illusions 3
pre and never had the trouble you are describing. It seems that there is a problem with the circuitry, perhaps too much power is being funneled into the tubes when warming up occurs. The AI tubes are always on, a small bit of current is placed through the tubes to keep them warm. This actually extends tube life. I would call AI up, explain the problem & see if it could be fixed. The AI preamps are what gave the company the name, it shouldn't function as you described.