Preamp purchase: Thoughts on buying TRL Dude OR Cary SLP-05

-Celestion A3 speakers
-Possibly Krell CD player
-Solid State Power Amp
I can't comment on the Dude as I've never heard it, but the SLP-05 is a very special preamp in my opinion.  I wish it was easier to live with in terms of remote control functions which were too sparse for me, but the music it made was really magical while I owned it.

Really a killer preamp.  Give it a listen if you can.
The TRL DUDE is essentially a custom made to order component, so there are numerous variations out there. I had a borrowed one for a few days in my system to compare with my Line Stage. I thought the version I heard was quite good. I have no listening experience with the Cary SLP-05 but it has a very good reputation. 
I had the Dude for a good while and just loved it, despite the lack of a remote control or a phono stage. It just makes beautiful music. In fact, it may be my favorite of the preamps I have owned over the years. Unfortunately, the designer, Paul Weitzel, passed away some time back, so you would have to find a used model. They are not exactly eye candy, but they are built like tanks. I used it with a couple of different solid state amps with outstanding results. I hope to get another one at some point, should the opportunity present itself.

Like Charles, I have never heard the Cary, though I've heard good things about it.

Best of luck in your search!
Have the 05, love it.  It is the one piece that has stayed in my system.  We have compared it to ARC Ref 5se and they are neck to neck, but the Cary 05 being much cheaper and easier to tube roll.  
I had a SLP 05. I sold it. I still am still sorry to this day.  If it works with your other gear, the SLP 05 could be your pre amp for life.
Hello Scott,
You still  miss the Cary SLP-5 even though you currently have a Pure Sound L 300?