Preamp - Processor for 2 channel music

looking to downsize home theater to a 3.1 system, looking for a preamp/processor that excels in 2 channel music. Speakers are Aerial 7b, with Aerial CC3b center and Talon sub. Source Oppo 105. Current amp Rotel 1095 but will probably change. Thanks
Parasound P7 has built in bass management, even if you only use it for 2 channel music. 

Don't know your budget.  There are also some older HT processors that will be excellent and act as a multi-channel preamp.   Krell HTS 7.1, Bryston SP2 / SP3, Classe SSP-800, Krell S1200U.

The older ones like HTS 7.1 or Bryston SP2 may need to be re-capped.


     Why not use your Oppo 105?  It has a built in surround processor and an excellent audio section with XLR and SE outputs. I streamlined my system by using my 105 and removing a Parasound AV-2500 preamp/processor and VTL 2-ch preamp.


If priority is 2 channel, I'd invest in a good stereo pre and use a decent AVR to handle the multichannel duties.  And definitely upgrade the amp to a good stereo amp that compliments your stereo pre.  Your speakers are too good for mediocre upstream components.  Send the front L/R outputs from the AVR to extra inputs on the stereo pre, and yiu have the best of both worlds.  Best of luck. 

Jl35, I went through the same process a few years ago. I downsized from a 5.2 to 2.2 system since most of my system use was audio. To add to auxinput's recommnedations, I would add the McIntosh MX-120 or 121. These units fall into a grey area where audio purists won't touch them (because evil tone controls), and hard core AV guys skip over them because they don't utilize the latest Codecs. They will run in analog mode and offer up a ton of flexibility in addtion to producing stellar sound. In the Mc pre amp world, they represent an amazing bargain.

Downsides? You have to run an S-video cable to your television (at least on the MX-120) to access the onscreen menu.  There are s-video to hdmi converters available.
I've owned Classe SSP-25, Cal Audio Labs SSP-2500, Citation 7.1, Theta Digital casanova, Krell HTS7.1 and the Krell HTS7.1 is the most musical HT processor, especially in 2-chan stereo.  It achieves 90% of my Krell KCT pre-amp.
The Parasound Halo Integrated or Ayre AX-5 Twenty integrated might be a simple solution that would pair well with your Aerial 7Bs.  You might be able to find either used at a price substantially below MSRP.

The Anthem AVM-60 may work for you.
I'm using a HEGEL P4a mkii pre-amp with my Aerial 10T's for 2ch.
i've been useing my marantz 4300 4 chanell reciever as a tuner preamp connected to my mcintosh mc602 power amp. untill 2011. the 4300 was getting old so i was looking for a mcintosh pre amp tuner, but they only had the older looking units. so i was looking at the mcintosh home theater units. i bought the mx 132 because it was the least expensive that matched my amp.’s expensive, but a cool option might be a Linn Klimax DSM3. 4xHDMI 2.0a (or b?) inputs to go with other digital inputs including Ethernet for streaming, balanced inputs, balanced and single ended seems like a really neat device.
I'm using a Luxman CL38U-SE for 2 channel listening. I have a Krell Showcase for HT. For the Krell I use the balanced outputs for movies. When I want to listen to music I hit the switch on my Bryston 2.5 SST2 amp to RCA connections that go to the Luxman. Easy solution for preamps w/out HT pass through.