Preamp/pro volume control bypassed?

I have an older Rotel RSP 980 that I just hooked up to a power amp, and it seems to be bypassing the volume control. I can move the remote volume up and down, but it does not raise or lower the volume. Why would it bypass the volume control if it has one. Can this be a defective unit? Thanks for any advice before I get rid of it!
did you connect the power amp to the Record outputs, rather than the Preamp outputs? The Record outs do in fact bypass the volume control.
Yep, what Bd said. Check that you are connected to the correct outputs on the RSP980.

Yes. I made an error and connected the wrong output. You can disregard this post. Sorry!!
I just bought a B&K Reference 20 pre/pro and I had the same problem. Now that I read this, I tried the zone 1 output and it worked. so thanks guys for asking and answering the initial question. Now I have to pick up the remote at the dealer and then really have fun. Dan