preamp/phonostage question

This may sound like a stupid question but how do you hook up a phonostage to a preamp that does not have one?
Any high level input-Aux,tuner,CD,etc.Some tape inputs use equalization or buffering so be careful of this.Use good cables just like everywhere else.
Connect the output of the phonostage, using interconnects, to an available auxilliary input on your preamp.
Interconnects from the phonostage into any line input on the preamp, such as Aux, Line 1, what have you.

I use the auxillary inputs on my preamp for my phono preamp.
any pair of inputs on the pre-amp.
Usually the aux will work fine.
You may have to adjust the gain on the phono pre if it sounds too quiet.
Just connect a pair of interconnects to any of the auxilary inputs and make sure you ground the turntable properly to the outboard linestage. One thing that Jay Kaufman of Audio Revelation a dealer that is on agon pointed out the other day is that the interconnects going from the phono preamp into the preamp should be specific to carrying a phono signal. He reccomended a pair of origin live interconnects specially made to carry a phono signal. This makes sense to me being that the phono signal is a smaller voltage.