Preamp phono suggestions

I just acquired a current model high power Classe amp. I would prefer solid state or tube hybrid. 5 k would be my price limit.musical selections range from rock to chill. By the way on occasion I do like to crank it up for a concert like sonic experience. The speakers have an efficiency of 93.
Are you asking for just a phono preamp, or a preamp that has a built in phono stage?
Zd542 To clarify I am looking for suggestions on separate units a preamp and free standing phono stage.
Try listening to the Ayre pre amps. Audio Research and Aesthetix are all strong choices. I'd also listen to the last two for phono stages as they are killer for the price. JMHO
I forgot to ask what phono cartridge you have? It could make a difference as to what's recommended.
Allnic 1201 and Herron VTPH-2 get near universal praise. Used Manley Steelhead, or if you're looking for something maybe a touch warmer or fuller the Zesto Andros. Hard to make a recommendation without knowing what sound characteristics are most important to you, but I'd think all of these are at least worth a look. Best of luck.
I second the motion for a Croft RIAA - very musical tube sound without the detriments associated with tubes(no bass, rolled off etc.) and a very simplistic design so little to go wrong.
Melos MA222 preamp with Sonic Frontiers SFP-1 Signature phono. I've owned them for years so can't say how they compare to newer products, However they do provide a nice balanced sound (top to bottom) with a huge detailed stage, when the source allows it.