Preamp PC - Elrod Sig II or SR Tesla T2 or ??

I need to improve upon my pc situation at the preamp.

I've heard many good things on the SR T2 tesla line pc.... and have an Elrod Sig III supplying a RSA Haley which in turn feeds the mono blocks, and would also likely feed the Thor line stage preamp.

Any thoughts on these two or another pc for my preamp would be appreciated a lot.

Thanks much
Elrod has a new line of power cords that you should definitely look into. Here is his url.
Silent Source Signature @ $1,000.00. You'd be very, very surprised. Don't try it if you're looking to color your system in any way.

This is the most neutral and the quietest power cord I've found. If you check out my system, you'll see that I've been through a lot of power cords, from $500.00 to $3500.00, and these are what I'm using.
Thanks Folks. Very much.

One thing I am trying to accomplish with this addition is to gain a bit of depth in the sound stage... rear of stage info, etc.

Not a mid hall seated position or the like... just some greater realization of the distance behind the speakers.... if It is possible.

If not, then certainly as natural a sound (organic) as is possible with as good imaging and extension. Full bodied mid range would also be welcomed.

I'm looking to spend around or under, $500 for a new or preowned 15A cord 5-6 ft long.

With all due respect to Chuck (Krell-man), knowing you as I do, I do not think the Silent Source Signature (SSS) cords are what you are looking for. Yes, they are very neutral, and work well in some systems, in others they can sound lean or thin. I also think the SR T2, though more full bodied than the SSS, will not present the air and resolution of the Elrod.

Bottom Line, I also have a RSA PLC (Danielle) and have found the Elrod EPS-3 Signature to surpass the likes of Shunyata Anaconda Matrix Alpha, Stealth Dream, amongst many others in performance here. If you enjoy what you are hearing, I would recommend trying a Elrod EPS-2 Signature, or some other similar ribbon technology cord...perhaps a Verastarr Grand Illusion, Electraglide S.O.T.U., Fusion Audio Enchanter....etc on your preamp.

Thanks John

You and a couple others here are usually possessive of my ear... I mentioned the SR as it's simply getting so much attention recently. however only the Acoustic Ref were even close to my tastes and were found just missing the mark of where I wanted to be with ICs, THEN.

I ordered a Tesla T2 today from the Cable Co. just to see. The input I got there on the Elrod also correlates with my suspiscions as to the results of having a Sig II on the Thor.

Consequently, I'll give the T2 a go and make a decision thereafter.

My reticence there with the Elrod Sig II was to it's bigger bro's expansive sound stage depiction... or that of the present state of affairs with my rig.

I mostly just lack depth. I've sure plenty of res & details having added another Taipan helix so both monos use them. The bandwidth itself seems very close to neutral while displaying some very good timberal colors within the notes. instruments are pretty easy to pick out to as to their origins... and definitely their placements.

in all things are just about right where I want them without making or undergoing wholesale electronic changes.

... and I beleieve I'll be migrating the power train into the closer proximity to the speakers and make a change in speaker wires thereafter. hopefully improving upon the neutrality of the sR sig 10 x2's now there.

I'll bare those other ones in mind too... especially the Enchanter... I've spoken with them before, just not gotten around to trying it yet.

many thanks.. as always.
Blindjim, I hate to say this but...,
The SR cables are great, but they should be used as a cable system.
Each cable complements the other cables for a balanced sound.
Just using one T2 with a Preamp may not be that impressive.

You then really need a SR power cable for your Amp and Source.
After that, interconnects and speaker cables Powercell.
I've had both these cords. I agree w/Ozzy on the SRs - instead I would try to find a used Elrod Statement for your system. You will be amazed at how much it will elevate your sonics. I haven't heard David E's new cords, but from looking at his website they appear a lot more pricey than his previous line.

Thanks for that insight Oz, I appreciate it. I was worried that might possibly be the case... some are just that way.

Thanks for stepping up to confirm things..
I agree with Ozzy, adding one SR cord may not work for you. If you want better soundstaging. You may want to start with a Powercell and teslaplex outlet. OR Try their Accelerator speaker cables. That would have been a good combination for you if you kept the Acoustic Reference interconnects. The cable company can lend you a whole compliment....

That's special. Thanks.

I bet they would too... and it'd be like walking into the 'big' room at a dealership... and for me that's always a mistake. Finding out what I'm missing, that is.

The Accels were too 'too' for me. My Res Ref x2 ICs didn't like them much, and the Acoustic Refs liked my RR's more but not enough... and then there were them darn taxes the county applies... and enjoy's doing it so much that mine were raised severely this time. So, so much for them, but they got a good home in the end.

The article I read the other day said an all SR Tesla series wired rig was a whole other world, once done.

A whole other world means a ticket I simply can't afford... and then there's all that packing, buying new clothes, cameras, hats, etc., so it's best most often I just remain ignorant of 'what could be'.

it's less painful that way for me.

Again, if it's depth in soundstage that you seek, I would choose a Elrod EPS-2 Signature cord. I would also recommend trying a Jade Audio Vermeil interconnect. I have recommended these i/c's to a few, and they all have thanked me. Very holographic.

A Jade "Dick Vermile" huh.

Do you remember where the Electraglide S.O.T.U., was in the line up or an Epiphany X?

Would that Epiphany X be as suitable?

Thanks much
The S.O.T.U. is the current top cord from the 'new' Electraglide, whatever that means. It is also grounded. The Epiphany X was the top of the line from the 'old' Electraglide a couple of years ago, but as I recall, it was ungrounded. Take that for what it's worth.

I have one of each, but I just received the S.O.T.U. yesterday, and have formed no opinions yet, in fact it's still burning in on my refrigerator.


PS: LOL about the "Dick Vermeil" reference....I hadn't thought about that name in a few years.
10-4 John.

I've never been acused of having too much fun... but I keep trying ;-)
Hey Blindjim, did you get the Synergistic Tesla T2 yet? Let us know your findings with this PC on your pre... Thanks!


Thanks for asking...

Sorry it took me so long to get back to you... I've been putting together a PC Blue Ray - DVD player I can integrate into the HT system... graphics card, new monitor, power supply, SATA 1gb HD, etc.

Yes. Just finished and sent it back to the Cable Co. yesterday.

It's a nice cable and suited to several spots in my various pieces, here and there. Even my Onkyo 805 receiver liked it a lot. Apart from that one item, it does seem more suited to lesser current drawing gear.

Good detail and resolution, and some depth was added, albeit not with the notebook as source. There it was merely greater lateral disbursement of the sound field. But little depth if any was added. IMHO.

I found it suited the Bel Canto DAC3 far more than it did the Thor preamp... and swapped it to it quite soon, replacing the Voodoo Tesla II that usually supplied the DAC.

Lastly, it did add a deeper blackness to the Soundstage, thereby illuminating the presentations' components better. I did like that a good bit. Things were overall quieter as the noise floor diminished too.

I also gave some thought to the notion that an all Tesla pc powered rig would gain for me my desire here, but that way lays a far greater $$$ outlay, and consequently, a more involved prospect which isn't a sure thing either.

So the beat the bushes for another snake, goes on...
joeyboynj, several months ago I installed Synergistic Research Magnetic Tricon Tesla Series ICs through out my system along with Tesla 2 PCs and I thought that it sounded great. Since then I have added the Teslaplex wall outlets and the improvement is astonishing. I never thought that a wall outlet could make such a difference. I have used other so called higher end outlets but all were a disappointment after a period of time, but none of them came even close to the Tesla. Synergistic Research really has something with these Tesla Series products IMHO. It must really be the synergy.
Jim, add some Synergistic Telsa PC's as you can afford them. No need to go all out. In the end you WILL have an amazing soundstage.

Violin, I know! I was floored myself... The soundstage really opens up with the Teslaplex and images seem to float into the room.
A question for all you Synergistic fans. I just got a Powercell 6 with the Synergistic T3 UHC going to the wall, which I really enjoy. I am currently using non-Synergistic powercords (VH Audio Airsine and Flavor 4) hooked up to my integrated amp and CD player, but was thinking of going with Synergistic T3's. Do you think this will improve the sound of my system with the Powercell? I just got a Gabriel Gold Rapture right before I decided to try the Powercell and I'm very happy with it and don't want to give it up. Any issues with keeping that in my system if PCs are all Synergistic or do you think a Synergistic IC would make a further improvement? I also plan to get a Teslaplex outlet. I have an FIM 880, which I've liked,but seems like the Teslaplex is a no-brainer.
There is a definite synergism between the SR cords. However, all systems are different and the amount of difference/improvement you hear may or may not be significant to you. The interconnects DEFINITELY do matter as well

Probably the best thing for you to do is experiment, probably through renting various SR cables/pcs through the Cable Company. Just be sure and let them break into the system for at least several days before doing any critical evaluation. Good luck.
Hchilcoat, get the Teslaplex first. Then try a T3 on integrated and T2 on CDP. If you want a bigger warmer sound go for a T3 on the CDP. If you like neutral and airy stay with the T2. The Synergistic interconnects are all different. I'd say try an Accelerator for fast and neutral or an Acoustic Reference, which I think is better but warmer and nicly extended in the bass and treble over the Accelerator.
I agree with Fplanner2000 and Joeyboyn, there is tremendous synergism going on between the SR power cords and ICs, but as I posted above , when used with the Teslaplex wall outlets,the system synergy is unbelievable.The Teslaplex outlets take the ICs and PWs to a new level
Many cable companies affect great synergy if all their cables are used throughout in a system. Not just SR. many.

I like the idea of mixing and matching the component to the power cord. Which means sometimes 'same same' along the way, and sometimes not. it also depends on just where you are in the mix too. Wanna start all over aghain? Just getting into it? etc.

...and then there is the notion that some cables from differing makers, play well together... and there's a 'house' sound to contend with now and then too.

Either way... all alike or all different, no one can say for sure how you will like it. As the T2 did several things very well, lots of detail, resolution, and lessend noise floor, I didn't care for the somewhat dryer conveyance of the music I heard with it in the mix.

Again, my own preffs not withstanding, I'm not keen on having to outfit my whole rig with one line up to reveal it's best attributes either.
Well said Jim, You know your system the best and done your research and I'm sure you are satisfied with the results.

I dont use the T2 in my system, I found it to be too neutral. I preferred the Precision AC, Holograms and the T3 PC's. They all sound different. But do have a house sound I love.

I used to have the Signature 10's and compared to the new Tesla SC, I found them to be dry. Have you considered a speaker cable upgrade? If you dont want to spend the cash on a Synergistic upgrade. Give Morrow Audio speaker cables a try. Very lively and huge soundstage with a 60-day money back guarantee. And Mike will make the cables to any lengh. Its worth a try.

I appreciate the thoughts herein. Thanks.

Sig 10 x2 active speaker cables sound dry? ....I'd beg to differ with you on that point alone. Until the shielding is fully active, I'd say yes... afterwards though, I'd say no.

I needd to get off that fence I'm sure and really get serious as to another speaker cable upgrade perhaps, but truth be told, they seem to really get out of the way in my deal very well indeed.

Add to that I'd prefer to move my 2 ch gear closer to the speakers first and cut the length and associated costs by perhaps more than half I suspect. Albeit then what? I'm thinking maybe Nirvana SX Ltds there too... if they are like their IC siblings.

I'll remain mindful of your suggestion however... it would be nice to not have to plug into the wall, yet more cabling.
Having had a Elrod sig 2 on my Phonostage for about 6 weeks, I cannot recomend it enough!
Previous cables were a home made silver effort, shunyata taipan, and an xlo.

The Elrod, bought weight and a musicality that I hadn't heard in my system before, soundstage depth and width increased by no small margin, with details to boot.
Good luck
Jmcgrogan2, What are your impressions on the Electraglide S.O.T.U. I almost bought one to try.
Thanks, Joe
I'd also like to know your impressions of the Electraglide S.O.T.U.
I apologize to Joe for taking so long to reply. The Electraglide S.O.T.U. is a very good cord, especially for the prices that I've seen it selling for on auction. FWIW, I now have two of them. Their positive attributes are speed, clarity and resolution, similar to older Electraglide cords. However, they are not quite as thin sounding as the older cords, IMHO.

I would lump them in a camp with the likes of Nordost Valhalla (I prefer the S.O.T.U.), Stealth Dream ( I prefer the Dream) and the Ridge Street Audio Poiema!!! Signature's as far as clarity, speed and resolution are concerned. However, if you're looking for a cord to add warmth or musical weight, the S.O.T.U. is probably not the best choice.

My speakers are warm (Verity Parsifal Encore's), I'm using the S.O.T.U.'s on a VAC tube integrated amp and a Marantz modified CDP with a tube buffer stage. So the added speed, clarity and resolution fit well in this system. YMMV.