Preamp out to AVR in?

I couldn't find a dumb category so here it is: To use a turntable source with an AVR system, can I use a preamp with phono section and go pre out to an AVR input or do I have to use a phono stage head amp to AVR?
Hi Lynne,

Yes, you can. The first time you do that start out with the preamp's volume control turned down low, and while playing a record turn it up to the point where you can use the AVR's volume control at positions that you find reasonable. Thereafter just leave the preamp's volume control alone, and use the AVR's volume control as you would with any other source.

Also, if the preamp provides tape outputs you could use those instead of the main pre-outs. The level of those signals would not be subject to the setting of the preamp's volume control. That arrangement would probably be preferable to using the preamp's main outputs, because it would minimize the amount of preamp circuitry that is in the signal path. I do exactly that in my own system, although I'm using a line-level preamp rather than an AVR.

Best regards,
-- Al
Hey, thanks, Al. Good deal. Yes, you have the Levinson in your system. I don't have an AVR either but my sister does and now wants a turntable source. OK. I will use the tape out. Just have to find a preamp now. All of my old ones have bit the dust.

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