Preamp or "U" jumpers: where to buy, choices?

Hi guys,
I want to replace the "u" jumpers on the back of my inegrated amp, the piece that you would remove to add a seperate amp. I have only found one company that makes them, Audioquest, at a price $40. I'm not sure why, but this price strikes me as awfully high for what these things actually are.
Does anyone know of other companies that manufacture these?
If so, is this price high, or relatively normal?
Thanks, Jb3
I know Tara offers a pair of "RSC Links" for this purpose, but I do not know the price. I'd guess somewhere in the neighborhood of $30 - $40.
I own the Audioquest and the Tara Labs, both I believe were $25-$30. The Tara's were better IMO.

There is another company that makes them, but I believe they are $50+. Pure Silver Sound maybe???

You could also have the Cable Company make a pair for you, not sure of the cost though.

I was looking for the same things for a long time and all I was able to find were the audioquest and taras mentioned here. I was gifted a pair of tara lab interconnects so I just took my old Homegrown Audio Silver Lace interconnects that I was originally using and used those for the jumpers. The tara "missing link" as I believe it is called would have neen the way that I would have gone had I not been given the new interconnects. Really, all they are is really short interconnects so $40 or so isn't all that bad for the upgrade.

just my 2c
One Call ( is selling Audioquest U-jumpers IC's for $39.
From my understanding, the Cable Company makes U-bar replacments as well. I have used both the Audioquest and Tara Labs, I preferred the Tara.

Funny how these threads pop back up. Since I posted this I had them made for me by Signal Cable. Since its basically just a short IC Frank made me a pair for $25, basically a very short Analog2. They work great, a good tweak for the money.