PreAmp or Integrated Amp

Wanting to improve 2 channel listening!! I've been told the weak link, for 2 channel music, in my system is the HT Processor (Integra 9.8). Would I benefit more from a good 2 ch preamp or an integrated amp. Both would have to have HT bypass, as I would like to keep the Integra for the occasional movie. I have a Rotel RMB1077 amp driving B&W 804s speakers. The amp is 100w/channel (7 channels). Budget would be $1500 to a $2500 max.

Thanks for any recommendations.
If I were you I would look for a good integrated amp. What model I cannot help your there, I never looked for integrated amp with a HT pass through.
Audio Research will install a hi pass filter in there DSI200.
Very cool amp.

if you are serious about the 2 ch thingy... I've yet to hear an int that surpasses a preamp if both are of equal value.

So an active line stage preamp would be my suggestion, and one with tubes too.

if this is some sort of compromise wherein another amp as well is being sought... then perhaps you can find a good int to fit the bill. There's sure plenty of them around for $1500.

'Course, a lot too depends on the sort of sound you are seeking for the music you prefer.

maybe adding a nice 2 ch amp to replace the multi ch one you have should be a consideration.

That's where I'd go first. Something like the Butler TDB 2250 preowned for a tad more than $1500..... or an odyssey Stratos souped up for about that new. preowned, for less of course. Both would provide more power and better sound quality. With the Integra proc I'd lean towards the Butler tube hybrid.

my multi ch Butler sounds better than my Stratos Plus amp... but costs more too.

having owned a number of BW units... they do enjoy power. mo' power? Mo' betta.

Exchanging in better amps is the usual path when starting out with a multi ch affair and desiring better 2 ch audio... and normally, it's the safer softer easier way to go. Once the newere better amp is in place THEN choosing a better preamp gets a bit more defined.

Good luck.
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