Preamp Opinion

A couple of weeks ago, I asked for advice on my amp and preamp. Although I am sure that it could be improved, I have come to the conclusion that the Parasound A23 is the least of my problems. I also have a Parasound New Classic 2100 preamp, a Marantz 8600 CD player/streamer (which I also think doesn't need to be replaced), and Focal Aria 926 speakers. I did listen to advice I was given and am expecting a vintage McIntosh SL-1 sub to my system.

I am looking at a few used preamps and wanted to get your opinions on them since the only one I have heard is the Adcom GFP-750 and that was years ago. My memory is that it had a very good sound to it. The other preamps I am considering are the Rotel RC-1572, Rogue RP-1, Coplant CTA 301 MKII, Bryston BP6, and Vincent SA-T7. Unfortunately, I have not heard any of them and don't have a location where I can. I tend to prefer a sound that is not too bright but provides a good clear soundstage and imaging. I have always owned solid state before and am a little leery of tube maintenance.

Thank you for your advice or observations about any of these preamps.

As I said on your other preamp thread.

 Halo A23 and the A21 they only need 1v in!! for them to give their max wattage output. And most sources today give more than 2v output some even 4v and 6v!!!
So you need a preamp with next to NO gain, or go direct from the source if it has a volume control.

For preamps that have low gain look at the Schiit FreyaS with remote control!! and balanced, at $599 it gives you the choice of being used as passive, active tube or active solid state.
And you can send it back after a good listen if you don't get off on it.

Cheers George

+1 for Bryston. Granted I have an 11B but the company's attention to detail on build quality is exceptional across the board. Depth of clarity is amazing.
I would tend to agree that the Rogue is best most natural sounding and detailed, without being bright preamp on your list. I would think it would match your current system well. If on the other hand your aspirations over the longer term you might think of buying used and getting an older model Audio Research or Conrad Johnson. They excel at communicating the emotional content as well as imaging and detail. Also, you will find many professional reviews available of these components,
+1 for Rogue Audio RP-1
I have one and love it a lot.  Had some pricey pre’s in my former days and this RP-1 is immensely enjoyable to listen through.  Dead silent, neutral, very nice sound stage width and depth, layers of detail and never bright or fatiguing.  Tubes will last a long time and pretty cheap to upgrade or roll to your liking.