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I have always used integrated amps in my system. Lately I've been pondering whether or not to upgrade my Yamaha AX596 to a Yamaha A-S2000 (since these are discontinued, there aren't many left). Then I started wondering if buying a used preamp and coupling it with the power amp section of my AX596 might be a better option for less money. I read some reviews on the Musical Fidelity A3cr, but apparently that preamp dates back to 2001-2002. Can you guys make some suggestions for newer, quality preamps that might be available for less than $1000? Thank you.

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Good choices here. I must tell you the Bel Canto Pre 3 is exactly what you want. It will do what you want and can be had for $1000. Very transparent and open. The remote is a joy to use and it also sounds smooth and sweet.