Preamp new/used under $900

Hey...I have a Rotel 971, NAD 314 (used as a pre), Classe Audio Seventy, and a pair of Hales Rev. twos. I don't want a pre that is warm, soft or laidback sounding. I would like the system to stay neutral erring on the side of cool. A pre that can help resolve very dense/processed electric guitar like Ministry would be super cool. Right now the dense music sounds a little mushy. right now im dense and little mushy too. A big soundstage is also a priority, but im not sure if preamps in this price range will vary much in that respect. Thanx tired and hope at least half of the sentences make sense.
If you are looking for a preamp that is neutral or revealing, then check out Bryston.
Anthem preamps made by Sonic Frontiers is a cool sounding tube preamp with almost solid state like qualities in the detail department. A good match and in the same price range as your other components.
Check out the VTL line tubed preamplifiers they are very neutral. There are some great buys available on Audiogon at this moment
A Classe Audio Model Four would probably work well with your Classe Amp. The Model Four is a little more revealing and neutral than the DR-4. These are well made units and should be available on the used market in your price range.
I agree with sugarbrie on the Anthem. A real steal right now.
You should be able to buy a used BAT 3ki for about that price. I like mine. Reviewers have said it it neutral to a very slight shade dark (don't think tht is the same as cool, but definately not bright). Make sure it was built as a 3i, not an upgraded 3 cause if it isn't I don't think it will have any single-ended (RCA) inputs.
I found an Audio Research LS-9 on this site and paid $825. This is a wonderful (solid state) unit I use with my VT-100. It has remote volume and function controls and a set of balanced "bypass" inputs and balanced outputs as well. Good stuff...
You should definitely include the Adcom GFP-750 to your list. It retails for $1250 and can usually be bought on this site for around $800. This preamp is very neutral, and is "Class A" rated by Sterepiles, and has received uniformly excellent reviews from a number of audio review mags. The reputation is well deserved.
EAR 834 linestage...$700-$850 used for the chrome version which is heavier, more substantial in construction and sounds better than the black box. NOS RCAs or Philips 12AU7s and this is a great sounding piece.
Rogue 66. I have this tube preamp and it rips. Extremely detailed and fast, but smooth. Demos with warranty go for about $800. I auditioned it against the BAT 3VKi (which only offers balanced connections) and chose the Rogue. I recently demoed the 99 against the BAT and it blew the BAT out of the water. I now lust for a 99, but those run about $1900 for warranty. The 66 LSR comes with a great aluminum remote (no phono, if you choose the remote). BAT charges $500 for their remote. Rogue products offer tremendous bang for the buck, plus they respond well to tube rolls - I upgraded my tubes to some NOS Mullards and was rewarded with even better sound.
Get the Electrocompaniet preamp used. Just what you are dreaming of.