Preamp Mods Any Recommendations?

I'm considering wether to mod/upgrade my BAT VK5i preamp as an alternative to buying a different model, or even a different brand, altogether. I've done as much as is possible to it in terms of rolling tubes, power cords, isolation, etc. I like what I have. Refurbishing it - bringing it up to another level in terms of increasing longevity, or improving performance interests me.... a lot. BAT no longer has the upgrade boards for IT OR I'D NOT HAVE POSTED THE THREAD.

ANY SUGGESTIONS AS TO 'RELIABLE' TECHS WHO DO THIS SORT OF THING, and more importantly, 'will do this sort of thing in a reasonable time frame?


I sincerely appreciate your help here... Thanks a lot.
would suggest selling it... if bat cant upgrade it. then it would be hard to sell it afterwards...
Got a schematic diagram you can send me?

thanks... Selling is a last resort. It really does quite well in the areas I enjoy.

I suppose I could get one... where abouts are you? You can get me off thread if you prefer.

I did happen to find a tech that I believe can do what it is I am looking for... though he is hesitant to 'modify' the unit... unless I can tell him EXACTLY the mod wanted... I've no clue as to how to improve upon vk's design... nor have I seen anything along that line of thought. Apart from perhaps changing the caps... and then to what? I'm lost. So without more info the best I can think to do is simply replace exisiting items with the exact same... but new. Seems reasonable enough to me...

Ever have a favorite anything you didn't want to let go of just because it's getting on, but works great? Of course so long as the redo doesn't come with a tremendous price tag. I'm game.