Preamp Matching?

I recently posted a question asking for the best SS 200 wpc amp. I am now wondering the importance of mating the preamp with the amp and how to understand the specs to understand this relationship. A review of the McCormack DNA-225 states that it would mate well with a passive preamp but Steve emailed me and said that my BAT VK-30SE would also mate well with that amp (something about the volume control unit specs). So, I am confused. How much importance should be placed on this?
I haven't heard the 30se, but my 3i sounds aweful nice with my DNA1.0 Rev. B. I've never been too much on specs.
I have a McCormack DNA-2 (which I think is unbeatable in overall performance for a ss amp) and have used it with a TLC-1 deluxe with great results (very transparent & quiet), RLD-1 with upgraded Cardas input & output rca's (very smooth,detailed & dynamic) and currently a Sonic Frontiers Line 3 (wanted to try tube pre and very happy with it's detail with Telefunken tubes on output stage). I plan on listening to the TLC-1 for awhile to see if I prefer the great transparency which I liked so well after I have my Camelot Uther updated to the anagram 192 upgrade (this dac has a great detail which I tried running direct to amp but with the Kimber select KS-1030 it was a little to bright).Feel free to contact me if interested in the rest of my system and results with upgrades.McCormack service is great,before dedicated ac lines I had a surge during a storm and they repaired a transistor in amp very quick and was called by repair tech about repair and even called by tech after repair and amp was tested. Happy listening. Don
-You can't retrieve lost information in the amp if the preamp lost it!
I believe what Steve McCormack referred to was that preamps with a less "incremental" gradient in gain control can get out of control quickly with the DNA-225 (and other high outut amps). Ostensibly small changes in the preamp gain can result in HUGE changes in volume output, making that "just right" volume setting harder to achieve.

I have used the DNA-225 with a Kora Eclipse preamp and have not had trouble in that regard. The Eclipse also has separate high and low output (both XLR and RCA) so the choice is further refined. There are many preamps that will work well with the DNA-225 in terms of the gain issue (I suggest a tubed pre), especially those with remote control gain control.