Preamp match with the Rowland 2

I just acquire the Jeff Rowland model 2 driving my Dunlavy IV. Currnetly I used the Pass Alep P amp balance output driving Rowland in Balance, while select the Low impedance (600 ohm) and High Gain (32 db). I feel the sound is a little forward compare to the Alep 5 that I ever used. Can anybody here recommend any Preamp that match with the Rowland 2? Price should not over the Alep P much or comparable.

Another thing is the Rowland pin 3 is positive against Alep P. Has anyone here has this problem and how can you solve this? I try two things by reverse polarity at my Meridain CD but not sound good. Another things is reverse the polarity of speaker wire at Rowland and sound worst than method one. Do you have any recommendation?

Appreciate all comment and suggestion.

Chalit R.
Not knowing the price of the Pass preamp you mentioned, but personally I've had great synergy driving the Rowland 2/BPS 2 with Hovland HP100 preamp. Good luck.

As for the XLR input, yes Rowland gears have pin 2 as "hot" and I just rewired the interconnect. I know this might not be the most preferred method so good luck.
Hi Zbub,

The price for Preamp that I asked is 2KUS$.

For the XLR, I plan to do the same thing like you. Not sure there have any siginficant improvement or so so..