Preamp match for Linn Ninka and 5125

Looking for preamp advice for my Linn Ninka speakers. I currently drive them with a Rotel integrated amp. I am considering a used 5125 to drive them actively with 4 channels with one channel to add a center.

I'm looking for a good preamp match with the additional idea of adding the center and rear speakers for movie use.

I've heard good advice on other threads regarding pre-pro's with good 2 ch sound (Proceed, Anthem, Theta). Has anyone had good results pairing them with Linn amps/speakers?

Another possibility is a Linn 2 ch preamp (Wakonda, Kairn) for music with a seperate pre-pro. Do any of Linn's preamps allow pass-through?

Or should I save my $s for a Linn Unidisk SC or a 5103?

wokonda, wokonda, wokonda, i have owned it all with linn, wodonda for the money can't be beat and is typically more reasonable, but the karin is nice...linn needs linn , no other way too go, be a linn ieee
All of the new Linn stuff is stunning. It retains all the music of old then adds more transparency. I spoke directly to Ivor at a show. His comment: always go Aktiv.