Preamp match for a mcIntosh 275

As a re-beginner in the art of sound, I need some equipment advice. Santa has just given me a McIntosh 275 amplifier. I am using it with a Nakamichi AV-2 as preamp, Proac bookshelves, an old Maranz DVD810 player and a Thorens turntable with stock ortofon cartridge. I listen mostly to jazz and I am planning some upgrades... As a good minimalist, I found very interesting the Vincent Audio KHV-1 headphone preamp, which it is said can be used as a regular preamp. So, here is the question: would it be a good match for the MC275, in substitution for the underused Nakamichi receiver? It disturbs me to put together this 5 channel A/V receiver to play stereo with the McIntosh. All opinions are welcome.
Hoe much do you want to spend? I would say that unless you can spend a lot more or can't spend as much that the AES ( Cary) AE-3 DJH Sig available from Upscale audio on sale new for about $1100 is one great line stage. It happens to use 6SN7s in the gain stages. I love 6sn7s for their tone and linearity. Beyond which there are tons of NOS and OS 6SN7s around to roll to find your favorites.
Since you have such a fine amp it looks like you will be on the upgrade ladder but with this pre I found my final far. A good phono can be had for as much or as little as you and your analog require. I use an SS phono by Graham Slee and have been amazed.
Take a look at the VAS Citation I pre amp. I use it with a MC275 knock off and the sound is beautiful. Yes, it is pricey, but give you all the features that a vinyl lover will need.
I love my C2300. Perfectly matched to the 275. It has a killer tube phono section and you can translate the preamp VU meters to watts. Mac preamps are designed to compliment their amps and maximize their sound quality.

I also used the C2200 with the MC275 which was very good too. But I moved to the 2300 to get the adjustable, tube MM/MC phono section. You can find C2200's used at reasonable prices.

Good Luck with your search!
Mechans suggestion of the AES AE-3 would be a good move if a budget line stage is what you want. If you have a higher budget ($2,500 on the used market), I had good luck matching an Aesthetix Calypso line stage (with NOS tubes) with the MC275 MKV, but it does not come with a phono option. Hififile's suggestion of pairing your MC275 with a McIntosh preamp is also a no brainer... and comes with a phono stage.