Preamp match for a McCormack DNA 125

I'm a complete novice when it comes to audio equipment. I'm currently using a Musical Design SP-2B with my McCormack to drive a pair of Vandersteen 1cs. While I find the sound agreeable, there is a decided issue when it comes to volume control. Any advice regarding a good match would be appreciated, I'd like to stay under $1,500 and will consider a used preamp.
My friend uses a Parasound Pld 1100.The 850 might also match well.
The McCormack RLD 1 is a great preamp that can be found used for short money. I have one with a DNA 125 and it's a great combo. I bought the amp first and used it for a short time with a McIntosh C15 which was nice but the RLD 1 blew it away. The thing that bugged me the most about the Mac was the volume control. It was just to coarse, there was no fine adjustment at low volumes, it was as if the gain was always too high. The RLD 1 has an excellent volume control, I can play it at night and it still sounds full and dynamic at low volumes. The volume along with the balance has 0.5 dB increments so you can set the volume just right.

It has two pre-outs, HT bypass, tape loop, and optional phono card. I bought mine last year for 1k and you can find them for $900 here on a-gon.