Preamp Isolation Cones Without Going NUTS

What has been the experience of 'Gonners regarding the best EFFECTIVE vibrational/isolation, cone/footer combination product for use under tube preamps that doesn't cost a fourth the price of the components? Not platforms, but cones, points, tip toes, whatever. Say $100 or so TOPS for a SET.
I did use the Black Diamond Racing Cones, #3 cones under my CAT SLI MkII. Great results and you can find them used cheap.

The CAT weighs alot so I did not need to add weight on top. If you do make sure the ventilation is not restricted. This will help limit vibration.

Good Luck.
There is no such thing as isolation. If you would like to greatly improve the efficiency and there for the sound of any audio or video component then try the Audiopoints or Sistrum products. Fundamentally correct so they will always be keepers.
Sorry for throwing around definitions so loosely. I do think most will have caught my drift, therefore I rather look at such semantics as bit of nit picking. Let's say vibration control?

The Audiopoints are fairly reasonable in price, I will concede, though I have not cared for them under my phono stage. The Sistrum products, while deservedly highly lauded, are my definition of going NUTS (from a price standpoint).
DH Labs 'Jumbo' cones at $70/set are the finest cone footer I've yet encountered.Unlike most cones devices(including their flagship 'Super'), the DH Jumbo's don't muck up pace and flow.(The DH large isn't bad either tho not as effective)
Black Diamond cones are perhaps one of my least favored cone footers with a pervasive plasticy signature- not surprising since they are made of bakelite.
Triple Points from Maple Shade gets my vote!
Happy Listening!
i agree with remarks about DH Cones (from Golden Sound); I use the Super size cones in addition to Jumbo and Large sizes; extreme hardness of NASA ceramic material (next highest to diamond - hence DH (diamond hardness) - yields lightning-fast (mechanical) energy transfer.
4yanx, in my system I prefer the Soler points and pucks to all others I have tried. That includes BDR's with pucks, Mapleshade Triplepoints, Tone cones and others. And it is superior to all sorbothane or rubber based products. IMHO YMMV. Happy Listening! John
Herbie's Audio Lab footers. You will be shocked.

Just a happy customer.
As fas as cones, I would start with good brass set. There are other composite material cones like BDR, Polycrystal, DH Labs etc but I would start with good brass like Mapleshade and then experiment. (my composite cones are currently setting in a drawer) Mapleshade brass cones come in 3 basic sizes and performance levels, prices:
-surefoot $38 set of 3
-heavyfoot $65 set of 3
-ultimate triplepoint $110

I like to have several sets of different type cones available to experiment with, get them used here if possible.
I appreciate the suggestions, some of which I have tried, others which are of interest. Speakerdude, I have the threaded Solers under my speakers and they are great. Never tried the components cones.

Anyone know anything about the Silverline points I've seen listed here on the 'Gon?
If you would to try solid brass machined cones, audio concepts sells them with removable 1/4 X 20 threads. Eight of these cost only $29. I use them under amp preamp and cd with good results.