preamp isolation

I have Symposium Rollerblocks with tungsten balls under my preamp. Yet, many of the thicker and stiffer IC's appear to be holding the component captive. I've added supports to my rack to help 'unweight' the pulling effect from the cables but I'm not sure how effective they are. Do the Rollerblocks still work properly with the cable resistance? Is there a better way? Thanks in advance.
IMHO a better why to "isolate" a preamp is through transformer coupling. Electrical isolation IMO is more important than mechanical isolation. Ground currents in your ICs will generate noise, it's Ohm's Law. Even balanced ICs can have issues. Typical differential inputs have a high CMRR (common mode rejection ratio); but that's assuming perfectly equal source impedences. They seldom are: typical soures can have 10-20ohm imbalances. This can lower the CMRR of the reciever (amp) by 20db or more. Transformers have very high CM impedences and can handle source imbalances very well. High CMRR means your ICs won't be picking up any noise. I know transformers get a bad rap from some audiophiles; but you'd be surprised at how quiet and good a well designed transformer coupled system can sound.
The manufacturer of my preamp has personally recommended Aurios. I use Symposium Rollerblocks instead because I like the way they operate. I was always fussing with Aurios to realign them. As long as you allow the cords to settle into position, I can't see how they would be unduly detrimental to the performance of the Rollerblocks. After all, Rollberblocks are designed to work with gear that has cords runnning into and out of it.

He overbuilds his power supplies, and has never recommended transformer coupling, but I wouldn't rule out the benefits of such a tweak.
I too have had issues with bearing isolation and cables pulling on the component. I have gone as far as building a cheap wood brace to support the cable so it puts no pressure on the bearing. No matter how you choose to deal with it, it needs attention.
John, I'm not familiar with transformer coupling. Can you recommend a site where I can learn more?
Check out the K&K Audio forum over on the Asylum. Also, read Lynn Olson's articles in VTV magazine and check out his web site: The Jensen transformer site has some good info to:
Could you put some brass heavy things on top of your preamp to help hold it down,i think Mapleshade sells some,i use a brass gear that i came off a press at work,not pretty but it works