Preamp inputs - different quality

Something I found that might stir the tweakers: My preamp has multiple single-ended inputs. I found that input 2 sounds better than input 1 - less veiled and more detail. The preamp is about 5-years old, which may be the culprit. FWIW, it's a Krell KCT.
Do your inputs have a specific application or are they just numbered 1, 2, 3, etc.? I have heard in certain cases that some inputs do sound different because they are wired differently or are for different sources. Also, is it possible that your "input 1" hasn't been used as much as "input 2"? Maybe it needs break-in? Wow, I said "different" three times in one sentence!
Bigamp, Are you sure the input trim levels are all set to the same value? Go through the menu to set both level and balance for all inputs you use. Z.
FWIW, Charles Hansen of Ayre believes very strongly in the concept of break-in for input connections. Most of us, I imagine, use one more than others.
They're just numbered 1-3. I moved my CD player cable from input 1 to 2 and heard the difference. Input 2 has been used less.
This may be a long shot, but is each input individually adjustable for gain? My Levinson preamp has this feature so that all inputs can be adjusted for uniform volume.
If so, it may be that the inferior sounding input simply is set a tad lower in gain, which we preceive as sounding veiled?
is it possible that there may be some oxidation in one of the input ? try cleaning with a tooth pick and cramolin, or the cleaner of your choice and see if the "sound" becomes uniform across all inputs.
Inputs are adjustable and set to the same level. Could be oxidation--I have not cleaned the terminals.
My ARC LS3-B has a multiple inputs but one is labeled direct input and activated with a toggle switch.It is better sounding.
bigamp, I had the same experience with a Krell KBL. I had been using input 1 but because of system rearranging it was moved to input 4 which was seldom used and it sounded different. Not sure if it was better but different. After some time it seemed to settle in and I didn't notice it any more. Could it be just some settling in time is needed for your ears?
It likely needs to be broken in. I'll give it some time and make another comparison. Thanks for all the advice.