PREAMP/HT Solution

I currently have a pair of Ohm I that have upgraded drivers and are biamped with EX442 and Bryson 4B. They sound great to me. I picked up an Outlaw 950 a few years ago and a year ago picked up an EAR 834 and VPI TT/Denon 103R to get back into vinyl. Im happy with the power amps, EAR/TT/Cart, but not satified with the mono subwoofer solution and ready for preamp upgrade from the performance of the Outlaw. Any recommendation for a nice pre/ht/subwoofer solution or am I asking for too much should go to a HT and Stereo system? It looks like the Anthem D1/D2 could be a good direction since it has the facilities for two sub outputs. Are they Mono? Also I believe that there is a distinct difference in the bass performance (if not overall performance)of a AR/ML/CJ preamp compared to an Anthem/Krell HT correct? And there's the requirement for a crossover for the biamp setup. Anyone been through this phase and come up with a solution they are very satififed with? Thanks in advance!