Preamp help for ML Odyssey's

I recently purchased a pair of ML Odyssey's and use the Innersound ESL amp, Classe' SSP-25 pre/pro, Cinema center a sub and small Mirage speakers for rears in a home theater setup. The ML's sound really good using the analog bypass feature of the Classe'. However, wanting better two channel sound, I tried an Audio Research LS-16 tubed preamp. Although the AR sounded better, it didn't sound THAT much better. I'm looking for better mids and highs. Want that sweet tubed sound.

I am now shopping for another tubed preamp that will mate with the Odyssey's. I would like for it to have a remote and processor loop for HT. Any suggestions???


I have the Ascents. I found that the ARC Solid State preamps (LS-12 also with remote and processor loop) sounds better in my set-up than their tube counterparts (I bought and returned an LS-16 before) when I have my 2 Channel and HT combined as one rig.

However, now that I separate the two, the Mapletree Audio Design Octal 6A Triplex tube preamp beats my SS preamp in 2 channel operation easily.

I know that you need two rooms to entirely separate the two system. But IMHO, tube preamp cannot be beaten in two channel mode but lacks the punch needed on instanteneous burst required in HT applications. Conversely, the SS preamp will do the opposite.

Of course, your preferences may vary.
I use the McIntosh C2200 tube preamp with my ML Odysseys.