Preamp Help

I'm running a Shanling CD T100 directly to a Conrad Johnson Mv-60, and then to FJ Om's. I'm very happy with the sound. The trouble is, I'd like to add another source, and really don't want to have to add a $1000 preamp. Is there another way to add what is basically a Y jack to my power amp? I'm guessing this is what a passive preamp does, but I'd really like to avoid adding another component to the signal path. Or am I mistaken? Thanks for any help.
Elad? says use a switch box from Radio Shack if you need more in's to their preamp. They claim no signal degredation...
YOu can't have both units "live". Switching inputs is one of the things a pre-amp does. You could go passive or active. you might fine that an active pre-amp makes the sound more dynamic, many people do. YMMV. There certainly must be input selector devices with multiple RCAs in and one one. but both devices would have to have their own volume control.